The Paper Chronicles
SEPTEMBER 28, 2015
BloemBox Organic Bouquet Sachets featured in The Paper Chronicles.

"If you live up North, you well know that as the warmer months recede, so too do the sights and scents of summer. I can’t think of a better way to hold onto them then with a bevy of sweetly scented offerings from BloemBox.

Anyone who’s ever walked High Design in Atlanta’s Americasmart is familiar with the gorgeous offerings from this California vendor. It’s especially well-named as “bloem” is Dutch for flower, so BloemBox = flowerbox!

Their Organic Bouquet Sachets are fabulously giftboxed, so no need to wrap these goodies. Inside are two sheer organza bags filled with organic lavender and rose petals, a delightful blend that serves as a moth repellant for winter woolens..."

Gift Shop Magazine
BloemBox Pollinators featured in the Green Retailer Showcase - Gifts with Purpose.

Great Day Saint Louis
BloemBox Peony Poppy and Passion Pink Tea Rose & Lavender Sachet were featured Mother's Day Gifts on this segment of Great Day Saint Louis.

Design NJ
BloemBox Originals Assortment of six featured in Style Sense - Holiday gifts: home. #11 "BloemBox offers gift-wrapped boxes that grow flowers (some edible), veggies, herbs and more. Use them as place settings, centerpieces, favors or hostess gifts."

O, The Oprah Magazine
BloemBox Bulb Kit Amaryllis 'Gervase' featured in Oprah's Holiday Favorite Things list. "Petal Pusher" - "This all-in-one kit contains a white flowerpot, growing material, and a Dutch amaryllis bulb - everything you need to produce a gorgeous bloom. Bonus: it comes in a pretty box topped with silk amaryllis flowers, so you don't even have to wrap it."

Smart Retailer
JULY 2013
BloemBox Double-Flowered Amaryllis Bulb Kit 'Dancing Queen' featured in "RED-HOT HOLIDAY DESIGNS" - "These must-have gifts and decorations feature the newest motifs and materials."

Garden Glamour by Duchess Designs
MARCH 26, 2013
BloemBox Poppies featured in Leeann's Garden Glamour by Duchess Designs at "Readers and fans of Garden Glamour know I adore BloemBox and its artful creations.The romance and whimsy of horticulture couldn’t be more squeal inducing than in this line of gift-boxed seeds or bulbs that shape-shift as fashion. In fact, there should be a Botanical Green Carpet!"

"Your dining table will transform to a shimmering garden with eye-popping color – think Pink, Blue, Yellow, Tangerine, and Green: The Color of the Year, don’t forget. All BloemBox designs are adorned or accessorized with floral and vegetable garnish or sweet-as-Disney pollinators including hummingbirds, bumble bees, and birds.

An instant conversation starter is to name all the flowers. You decide whether to require the flower’s common name or the botanical nomenclature. Ha. Choose from this season’s Poppies, or Dogtooth Daisy, Delphinium, French Marigold Cornflower, Maltese Cross, Zinnia’s, Wildflowers, scarlet sage, lemon mint, and edibles such as red and green French lettuce, royal purple Italian Heirloom eggplant or Nantes carrot and herb creations to create a dazzling, irresistible bouquet." Visit Leeann's blog for the full review.

Tea Time
BloemBox Habitat Hummingbird Garden featured in Tea Time Magazine. "Blooms for Birds" - "Attract hummingbirds to your garden with easy-to-plant seed ribbons that will give life to lemon-mint, scarlet sage, and pink annual phlox."

Victoria Magazine displays BloemBox Original Pansy, Mini Delphinium and Tiny Tin Edible Cornflower in a stunning arrangement of white and shades of cobalt, cornflower, royal and sapphire. "Layer your table with a subtle mix of pattern, texture, and sweet spring blooms by balancing blues in light and dark tones. Decorative elements include, Mini Standard Delphinium with biodegradable, plantable tissue-paper seed ribbon from BloemBox."

"Breezy blue-and-white apparel and accessories forever signal that summer is on its way . . . Mini Standard Delphinium, Original Pansy and Tiny Tin Edible Cornflower from BloemBox."

Smart Retailer
BloemBox Habitat Bumble Bee Garden featured in "MARKETING ECO-MINDED GOODS" - "You might believe offering environmentally friendly merchandise is the right thing to do, but if it doesn't make you a profit, then that's not smart retailing. Here, experts and savvy shopowners give their advice on how to better market and sell green goods in your store... Products should stand up as a product first, with the eco-friendly benefit used as a unique selling point, not the only selling point."

Garden Glamour by Duchess Designs
AUGUST 13, 2011
BloemBox Veggie & Herb Gardens featured in Leeann's Garden Glamour by Duchess Designs at "Indeed, BloemBox is that rare garden gift item that has admirers tripping over their Roget's. I defy you to hold up and showcase any BloemBox like a pert cocktail or 50”s game show girl without hearing a medley of “Too cute! ..." On the home page, at the bottom in the search field type "Garden Love Leads to the Perfect Garden Gift" to see the full review.

the thirty-something bride
JULY 2011
BloemBox Tiny Tins, Minis and other seed ribbon varieties featured in "See What's Blooming with BloemBox!" - "So I saw BloemBox in the temporary exhibits in Atlanta and thought their presentation was just super-sweet, so I had to share! My brain was screaming at me: FAVORS! BRIDAL SHOWER! BABY SHOWER! CUTE! Sometimes it's difficult to speak/think when my head is so freakin' loud, but the folks at BloemBox didn't seem to mind me gushing over their cute little boxes of seed love. Not one bit. They were super-duper friendly...

I think we've all seen little seed favors before, but look how totally adorable this presentation is! I love the little Lucite stands! You could hang these from little wish trees as favors too! The boxed goodies come with a single silk blossom on top of each box. Inside you'll find one 15' biodegradable, plantable tissue paper seed ribbon that grows into the blossom shown on top of each box!

The smallest size are the little tins on the right and came as shown and filled with seeds of the corresponding flower on top. They come packaged as a set of 6 for $39. There are countless floral and even veggies to choose from! Oh, and even edible flowers, which I think is super cool! The slightly larger box that comes with the seed ribbon is $99 for a set of 6.

To top it off, they offer personalized tags for any of their product offerings! You can get up to 9 sets (54 tags) for $35. Each additional set of 6 is $1.20 after that...

So check out BloemBox now! You can totally order right on their website. How convenient is that? Love it!"

San Diego Home/Garden Lifestyles
JUNE 2011
BloemBox Veggie & Herb Gardens featured in "BAZAAR: HOT FINDS & COOL STUFF - SUMMERTIME - HOSTESS GIFTS" by Senior Editor Phyllis Van Doren. "Summer house guests might carry along some of these perky garden boxes filled with strips of veggie and herb seeds to leave behind as a thank you. Also would work well for guests at a summer luncheon. BloemBox boxes each contain three 5-foot seed ribbons made of biodegradable tissue paper filled with premium seeds, each box containing seeds for one vegetable and two complimentary herbs, with gift tag."

NBC Washington Morning Show
MARCH 21, 2011
BloemBox gifts featured on a festive spring table designed by event planners Sandi and Myron from Sandi R. Hoffman, LLC Special Events. The table was set with seasonal blooming bulbs and moss, medium sized rocks for name plates, inverted clay saucers for placemats, canning jars for glasses and gardening gloves for napkins. A BloemBox centered on a plate, added a splash of color and served as a favor for guests to take home and plant. Each box contains 15 feet of plantable, biodegradable, tissue paper seed ribbon that when planted in a large outdoor container or garden bed grows into the flowers on the lid of each box.

FEBRUARY 9, 2011
BloemBox Organic Sachets featured in Sandy Wener's delightful guide to everything fabulous at - "I am a real sucker for all things glamorous, and clearly these beauties from BloemBox are screaming glamour. The gorgeous hand-wrapped box is topped with an elegant hand crafted silk flower and tied with a satin ribbon. Inside the box you will find a sheer organza pouch filled with organic lavender florets and rose petals. Created by Botanist Laura Quatrochi who has been designing flower seed mixtures and private label garden products for over 25 years. In 2005 Laura launched the extremely well received and wildly successful label BloemBox. Fast forward 6 years later, and the rest as they say is history. The sachets retail for $17.99 and may be purchased through the BloemBox website and you will also find a varied selection of BloemBox Luxury Boxed Seeds, Flowers and Vegetables at Touch of Europe - Made in the USA!"

Garden Glamour By Duchess Designs
MONDAY, MAY 10, 2010
BloemBox Habitat Hummingbird Garden featured in Garden Glamour by Duchess Designs at - "What could be better than being surprised with a Godmother gift on Mother's Day from my adorable five-year old godchild and niece? Discovering the delightfully happy gift bag held a charming selection of seeds to attract hummingbirds!

How thoughtful- and appropriate . . .

Kudos to Erin and Tara and Donna for selecting such a perfect gift!

And the people at BloemBox should win one of those MacAethur Genius Awards!
They have designed an irresistable expression of plant love. I hope this idea spreads like wildflowers and soon zillions of people will be gifting glamorous seeds to one another:)

Look at how sweet this is!

The preppy green, high-gloss round package looks like a teeny hatbox.
It's topped off by a double dip of pink hydrangea. And a pink grosgrain bow.
And if that wasn't enough - like a fashionable ticket holder at Ascot racetrack's Ladies Day - there is a feathered hummingbird perched on top, caught in mid flight.

Opening this tiny treasure I discovered several layers of white, cotton-soft 'ribbons' coiled around the bottom of the box dotted with - what is this?
I turned them around a bit and then I get it - the seeds are imbedded in the thin cotton ribbons - each seed discretely placed in its own window bed.
Wow! I had to marvel at the care that went into this.
Each seed is like a piece of jewelry on display.

There is also a little card explaining what plants the seeds will be, along with care instructions.
A gift card says: 'Happiness held is a seed. Hapiness shared is the flower.'
And the garden art BloemBox offers includes garden poetry in homage to the plant inside. Mine reads:

'A flash of harmless lightning,
A mist of rainbow dyes,
The burnished sunbeams brightening
From flower to flower he flies.'
-John Banister Tabb

I will hate to part with my precious seeds - to take them from their High Society digs.
On the other hand, we can all enjoy the beauty of my plants: Pink Annual Phlox, Phlox drummondii, Lemon Mint, Monarda citriodora and Scarlet Sage, Salvia coccinea, as pretty plants - complete with flowers to attract those fascinating and charming hummingbirds!
That will be another garden story. Stay tuned.

Oh, and my mother received a similar seed box as part of her Mother's Day gifts.
Hers was topped with a butterfly and seeds to lure that pretty pollinator.

How glamorous!"

The Confused Homemaker - getting lost on the way to the "having it all" holy grail of motherhood
MAY 2010
BloemBox Perennials, BloemBox Habitat Gardens, BloemBox Specialty Gardens and BloemBox Hanging Minis featured in The Confused Homemaker by Beth at
"I love Spring, I love the fresh air, the sights and sounds of life coming back. I don't do well in the long Winter. The days are shorter, they are busier and colder. I'm a warm weather baby at heart. Even if I love certain things about all the seasons, when Spring hits I feel lighter somehow.

And when I saw these I thought: YES!! SPRING IN A BOX

I love this idea. The paper boxes are topped with hand-crafted silk flowers that look just like the real garden flowers. The BloemBox gifts contain different plants or seeds between biodegradable tissue paper for easy & simple planting that any one can do. Even those who were born with 2 left thumbs versus a pretty green one.

It's a wonderful gift for the gardener at heart. Just think of how pretty they'd all look as everthing begins to bloom.

I also think any of the boxes or sets would be a lovely Mother's Day or Graduation gift since we are nearing that time of year again.

Which makes wonder what's your favorite season?"

Brides of North Texas / Brides of Oklahoma
BloemBox Minis and Tiny Tins featured in "FAVORS" - 4 fab gifts your guests will love" - "THE GREEN FACTOR" - "Adorned with colorful silk flowers and filled with premium seeds, BloemBox is our "green" pick for wedding favors! These oh-so-cute favors house seeds and bulbs in hand-wrapped paper boxes or tins. The seed ribbon, made of biodegradable ribbon can even be planted! These adorable little packages make a lasting keepsake and the seeds/bulbs will turn into a garden of beautiful and fragrant blooms!"

A Piece O' Cake Blog
BloemBox Perennial Maltese Cross featured in Kelly Kobus "A Piece O'Cake Blog" at - "I have to promote a business that I just heard about. BloemBox was made know to me when a favorite customer of mine brought me this cute, petite box that housed seeds to plant and grow your own flowers. She was using them as a favor for a bridal shower this past weekend. What a fun idea! I absolutely love when you are presented with something non-cake realted and you can say "Let's make this into a cake!"

"So this is it . . . ta da!"

"Visit BloemBox website by clicking here. I hope you enjoy it and get inspired! There are so many other boxes to choose from, I'm sure they would all make stunning cakes!"

Floral Management
BloemBox Tiny Tin Edibles featured in "SOMETHING NEW BRIDAL WARE" - "Decorate tables with edible flower assortments that include: calendula, cornflower, French marigold, nasturtium, apricot stock and viola. Inside each tin is loose seed. When planted, the seeds grow and bloom into the flower on top of the lid. The band around the tin reads, "Happiness held is a seed. Happiness shared is the flower." These easy-to-grow garden flowers add a colorful and flavorful garnish to summertime recipes."

Weddings Unveiled Magazine Blog
BloemBox Songbirds in Pink, Original Pansy, Perennial Dogtooth Daisy, Iceland Poppy and Personalized Gift Tag featured in "DECOR, DETAILS, FLOWERS, GIFTS, INSPIRATION, STUFF WE LOVE" - "Think outside the box when it comes to giving wedding favors! We just love BloemBox's perfectly packaged collection of hand-wrapped paper boxes adorned with hand-crafted silk flowers made to look like the real garden flowers. Each artfully detailed box is carefully filled and then tied with a lustrous satin ribbon and gift tag reading "Happiness held is a seed. Happiness shared is the flower" and includes a poetic reference to the specific flower. These precious containers house the finest bulbs, certified organic lavender florets, organic rose petals and premium seeds distributed between biodegradable tissue paper for effortless planting of a garden full of beautiful blooms. Choose from a variety of styles and sizes, from Habitat Hummingbird Garden to Perennial Iceland Poppy. Prices range from $39-$189 per set of six."

Weddings in Houston
APRIL 2009
BloemBox Tiny Tin Classics Assortment featured in "Our favorite things" - "No.3 Tiny Tin Classics of Flower Seeds: BloemBox"

Copper Willow Blog
MARCH 5, 2009
BloemBox Bulb Kit 'White Dazzler' and Tiny Tin Edibles featured in blog - "GREEN YOUR EVENT!" - "Green is what we do, how we think and what we believe. The great thing is that we're not the only ones! We're thrilled to begin posting information about green companies and products in our Green Finds section! We are so impressed by the creativity of these eco-smart companies."

"BloemBox makes gifts that are absolutely perfect fit for green favors! Not only is the packaging sweet, but the idea is totally unique! Their larger "Bulb Kit" contains a premium bulb, coir soil-less planting wafers, instructions and grow pot with saucer. Since you have to buy 6, a light bulb went off - bridesmaid gifts!"

"How many flowers can you think of that are edible? Their Tiny Tin Edibles make for perfect favors - and the seeds inside can bloom to be flowers that you can eat or use in cooking. Who knew?"

"BloemBox also sells seed mats, habitat and specialty gardens and perennials all bundled up into these adorable packages!"

San Francisco Chronicle
DECEMBER 17, 2008
BloemBox Amaryllis 'White Dazzler' and Amaryllis 'Red Lion' featured in "HOT STUFF" - "BE THE HOST WITH THE MOST" - "Presenting party products"

Cool Midwest Mom
MAY 13, 2008
BloemBox Tiny Tin Edible Assortment featured in Sarah Hibner's blog titled "Incredible Edible Flowers" — "What do you give the person who has everything? Its an annoying dilemma for a person (me) who covets so much stuff. Yeah, I'm a coveting, consuming, material-focusing sinner. Lord, forgive me. I digress . . ."

"Anyway, the person who has everything surly does not have edible flowers. Now THAT'S original." — "The perfect hostess gift for the many summer cookouts coming our way, BloemBox Tiny Tin Edibles sets are grow-it-yourself flower tins complete with seeds and instructions. For $36.00, they come in sets of six window-topped tins wrapped in a band and tag that reads, "Happiness held is a seed. Happiness shared is the flower." Oh so true."

"I'm going to order a set and parse out one tin at a time for hostess gifts (Yep. I'm also frugal.). Ends up only being $6.00 each. Brilliant!

People Magazine (download)
MAY 5, 2008
BloemBox Tiny Tin Edible Assortment featured in "Mother's Day GIFT GUIDE" — "Flower Girl" — "EDIBLE FLOWERS" — "Seeds in tins grow into blooms you can eat."

me Magazine (download)
BloemBox Originals featured in "ME FINDS" — "BUDS TO BLOSSOMS" — "BloemBox is a unique, memorable gift that blooms for years to come. Each handmade paper box contains premium Dutch flower seeds within natural, biodegradable tissue paper for effortless planting. Originals Assortment includes pansy, Shirley poppy, Flanders poppy, zinnia, sunflower and carnation."

Lancaster County (download)
APRIL 2008
BloemBox Songbirds in Pink featured in "Farmer's Daughter" — "Details" — "Mother's Day alert! The BloemBox Seed Mat Garden — a featured item on "The O List" — would be perfect for moms who love to garden. The BloemBox offers a variety of gift boxes topped with a silk version of the blossoms that will emerge from the seeds, seed mats or bulbs contained inside."

Weddings in Houston (download)
APRIL 2008
BloemBox Originals featured in "Our Favorite Things"

At Home with Kim Vallee
MARCH 4, 2008
BloemBox Tiny Tin Edibles featured in a mood board for an Easter tabletop. "Add more colors through your centerpieces" — "Display a snakelike line of the new Tiny Tin Edible Flowers by BloemBox. And let your guests bring back home their own after the meal. Each tin contains seeds of edible flowers. Alternate the Edible Tiny Tins with the Habitat Hummingbird Garden to add movement. Each Habitat box contains three 5' biodegradable, plantable tissue paper seed ribbons, one of each nectar-rich variety with planting instructions. These elements would create an Easter tabletop that is out of the ordinary".

Woman's Day (download)
MARCH 4, 2008
BloemBox Originals Sunflower, Shirley Poppy and Pansy featured in "live well how to" — "WD LOVES . . ." — "ready-to-grow gifts" — "Here's a treat that's as pretty on the outside as it is on the inside. Each BloemBox hand-wrapped paper gift box (topped with a silk flower) is filled with a tissue paper seed ribbon — just unroll and plant directly in the ground, or cut to size for outdoor pots. Choose from carnations, pansies, sunflowers, zinnias and two varieties of poppy, or vist for seasonal and holiday blooms."

NBC Today Show
FEBRUARY 5, 2008
"Store Adore: Unique Valentine's Day Gifts" Meredith Barnet, creator of Store Adore, an online forum for shoppers to find the best boutiques and specialty stores in the cities where they live, travel and online, featured BloemBox Seed Mat Garden 'Songbirds in Red' as a gift for the environmentally conscious person.

Style Me Pretty - A Blog For The Style Obsessed Bride (download)
JUNE 2007
BloemBox Habitat Assortment, Songbirds in Pink, Organic Lavender & Rose Sachet and Amaryllis Bulb Kit Assortment featured in the June 11, 2007 Blog — "Fabulous Find: BloemBox" — "Please take a look at these oh-so-perfect wedding favors, made by BloemBox . . . they are seriously the sweetest little things I have ever seen." "The pricing ranges from $5.50 each (for the tiny tins in the top left corner) to $20 for the BloemBox Originals...or you can really splurge and go for the Songbirds Seed Mat Garden (top right) for $30 each. These are such a great way to tackle two difficult wedding tasks at one time . . . the decor and the favors."

Wedding Vow (download)
BloemBox Tiny Tins Assortment featured in "Favors". "Think outside the wedding favor box" — "Great gifts for your guests help them to remember your day" — "Flower seed gardens in the form of miniature boxes or tins can pull in your wedding colors through the decorative flowers and ribbons."

Family Circle (download)
JUNE 2007
BloemBox Songbirds in Pink featured in "homeNEWS". "This box holds a seed-filler paper mat that, when planted, will bloom with flowers that lure songbirds." — "ANIMAL ATTRACTION" — "Beckon bees, birds and butterflies to the garden by planting flowers they fancy. They'll reward you by pollinating plants and controlling the pest population. A few of their favorites: GROW Cosmos, Black-Eyed Susans and daisies TO WELCOME Songbirds.

Elegant Bride (download)
JUNE 2007
BloemBox Original Shirley Poppy and Sunflower, Habitat Butterfly Garden and Organic Lavender & Rose Sachet featured in “CHIC RECEPTION IDEAS FOR YOUR WEDDING" — "elegant touches" — "fragrant favors”.
“The silk flower on top of each BloemBox is a replica of the flowers that will grow from the seeds inside the biodegradable, plantable tissue-paper seed ribbon. (For guests who don't havve a place to grow flowers, sachets of aromatic lavender and rose petals are an excellent option.) Each box includes a gift tag with a poetic reference to the flower, $18-$22 each."

Claire Murray's La Vie Claire (download)
Laura Quatrochi and her husband, Don Shanley featured in a ten page story about their life in "THE WELL-LIVED LIFE" — "Gifts of a Garden"

The Oprah Winfrey Show
MAY 17, 2007
BloemBox Original Sunflower, Pansy and Shirley Poppy and BloemBox Tiny Tin Viola, Miniature Rose and Purple Stock featured in Oprah's studio audience give-away "Summer in a Box".

The Dallas Morning News
MAY 4, 2007
BloemBox Habitat Butterfly Garden featured in "SHOPPING" "To mom with love" — "If a box of chocolates won't cut it, here are 10 thoughtful things she should adore" — "BloemBox Butterfly Garden" — "by BloemBox with three plantable seed ribbons and instructions."

Cooking with Paula Deen (download)
BloemBox Specialty Fragrant Garden pictured in "Let's Get Cookin" — “bridal tea".

Backyard Living (download)
MAY 2007
BloemBox Original Shirley Poppy featured in “yardsmarts!"
“The BloemBox contains a 15-foot section of "seed ribbon." Made of biodegradable tissue paper, it's available in your choice of carnation, pansy, Flanders poppy, Shirley Poppy, sunflower or zinnia, and retails for about $16.00." “My Mom's a beginning gardener, so this is perfect for her. All she has to do is plant the ribbon right into the garden in spring for an effortless foral display," says Editor Rachael Liska. "And the pretty box it comes in really makes me feel like I'm giving her something special."

Gift Shop (download)
BloemBox Habitat Gardens Assortment featured in “fresh finds." "Biodegradable seed "ribbon" can be planted to yield fresh flowers. BloemBox Originals include one 15' long seed ribbon of one flower. BloemBox Gardens contain seed ribbons for different combinations of flowers. Comes with planting instructions and gift tags."

Cooking with Paula Deen (download)
BloemBox Original Shirley Poppy featured in “batch of ideas" — "Bringing you the latest and loveliest for your kitchen and home." "Shirley Poppy BloemBox" — "Each of these charming boxes contains a "seed ribbon" of the flower that adorns its top. Plant in the spring and before long you'll have lovely flowers."

Woman's Day (download)
DECEMBER 5, 2006
BloemBox Seed Mat Garden Songbirds in Red featured in “wdcyou INDULGENCES — $50 & under gift guide — The shipping list we’ll be using”
“The silk flowers atop the box are replicas of the blooms that will grow from the seeds inside. BloemBox Songbirds in Red seedmat garden gift box.”

Modern Bride (download)
BloemBox Tiny Tin Blue Stock and Purple Stock featured in “100 Things We Love For Weddings”
“Have a Seed” — “Seed-filled tins as favors”

Lux Bond & Green (download)
BloemBox Habitat Butterfly Garden and Specialty Wildflower Garden featured in “All the Colors of Spring”
“Butterfly Garden – Peek inside and you will find three 5’ biodegradable, plantable seed ribbons. Gifts come with complete planting instructions to create an enchanting garden.”

MAY 2006
"Do Me A Favor” — “The days of gifting guests with Jordan Almonds wrapped in toile are over (we hope). Leave a lasting impression on your guests with seeds inside a tin adorned with delicate blooms. BloemBox is a delightful way to sprinkle seeds of love.”

Connecticut Magazine (download)
MARCH 2006
BloemBox Original Zinnia featured in “First Trends — Flower Power”
“For a novel gift that keeps on giving (in this case blooming), consider pretty BloemBox. Each BloemBox original, topped by a flower facsimile (carnation, pansy, poppy, sunflower or zinnia), contains a 15-foot-long seed ribbon with planting instructions, along with a poetic ode to the flower and the message, “Happiness held is a seed. Happiness shared is the flower.” Attached gift tags can be customized. BloemBox, which make lovely party favors this time of year.”

San Diego Home/Garden lifestyles (download)
BloemBox Habitat Butterfly Garden featured in “Eye on Style — Above and Beyond” — "box full of bloom” — “Flower box by BloemBox contains seeds on three 5-foot biodegradable ribbons to plant a butterfly garden. Great gift or party favor. “

The Oprah Magazine (download)
BloemBox Original Shirley Poppy, Sunflower and Zinnia featured on “the O list“— “A few things I think are just great.” — Oprah
“Seed of an Idea” — “These pretty boxes come with a paper strip of seeds that couldn’t be easier to plant. Just dig a little trough, lay in the strip, cover with soil, water, and watch the seeds bloom into colors and fragrances that are guaranteed to attract butterflies and happiness.”

In Style Weddings (download)
FALL 2005
BloemBox Original Carnation, Shirley Poppy and Zinnia featured in “for nature lovers” — “Both outdoorsy types and urban gardeners will thrill to the call of the wild” “Boxes with seeds and corresponding silk flower.”

All About the House (download)
BloemBox Habitat Butterfly Garden, Specialty Fragrant Garden and Wildflower Garden featured in “Garden Trends”
“Looking for a creative present or party favor? Delight your friends when you give a ribbon of seeds contained in a charming flower-crowned gift box from BloemBox.”

HGTV Ideas (download)
BloemBox Original Carnation and Zinnia featured in “Smart Solutions”
“BloemBox gift boxes contain seed ribbons for planting the flowers represented on top of the box. Green Zinnia and White Carnation are part of the “Originals” collection.”

Giftware News (download)
MAY 2005
BloemBox Gardens Assortment featured in “ON OUR COVER”
“Inside these boxes are tissue paper seed ribbons of popular garden flowers.”

Gifts & Decorative Accessories (download)
APRIL 2005
BloemBox Original Shirley Poppy featured in “ON TREND BRIDAL GIFTS” — “Blooms for Brides”
“Flowers, a glorious part of every wedding, add bright touches to invitations, favors, albums, and handbags.”
“With a BloemBox as a wedding favor, guests can grow a reminder of the day. Tissue seed ribbons come in flower-crowned box. Six varieties.”