Whether you are a novice or master gardener, growing plants from seeds is a rewarding experience. Plant your BloemBox seeds or bulbs to grow a memorable garden of bloom. Although each BloemBox contains complete planting instructions, here are a few extra planting tips to ensure the best results.

Nutrient-rich soil with a loose, airy texture is the key to a healthy, abundant garden. Before planting a garden bed, turn soil to a depth of 12 and blend in organic amendments, compost or well-aged manure and rake smooth. Garden soil contains an abundance of dormant weed seeds that are brought to the surface when turning the soil. Evenly moisten the soil for about 10 days and allow the weed seeds to sprout. When the weeds are about 2 tall, gently hoe them out and rake soil smooth. If planting a large patio container, check for proper drainage and fill with an organic potting soil. Your garden is ready to plant.

BloemBox seed products contain seeds that are grown in the Netherlands and tested by a registered seed laboratory in the United States. BloemBox Tiny Tins are filled with easy-to-grow loose seeds. The decorative window-top tin is a perfect seed container for all seed types particularly those that are too large to fit inside the plantable tissue paper.

BloemBox Originals, Gardens, Perennials, Minis and Seed Mat Gardens contain tissue paper ribbons or seed mats that make planting easy. The premium, small seeds are sandwiched between biodegradable tissue paper that hold them in place. The plantable tissue paper can be cut-to-size and placed in a large outdoor patio container, raised bed or prepared garden bed. In early spring (after the last frost) simply unroll the tissue paper, place it on the soil and cover it with to potting soil. As the seeds sprout, the tissue paper biodegrades into the soil. Keep the soil evenly moist to germinate the seeds. For vigorous growth and bloom, thin and space seedlings to encourage both air flow around each plant and a healthy root system.

When seedlings are 2 to 3 tall, cover the surface of the soil with mulch to help retain moisture and suppress weed growth. Water frequently in the early morning and fertilize if needed. Remove spent or fading blossoms to encourage sequential bloom. Allow some or all of the blooms in the Songbird Garden Mix to dry on the stem. The flower heads will produce an abundance of seeds that attract a variety of feathered friends to your garden.

Store unused seeds in a cool, dark, dry place and plant the following year.

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