Colorful, cheerful, witty and elegant are hallmarks of BloemBox.  Every year, we design new products that continue to distinguish our unique gift line. Each BloemBox is adorned with handcrafted silk flowers made to look like real garden flowers and tied with a lustrous satin ribbon and gift tag.  Peek inside and find premium seeds in plantable, biodegradable tissue paper; loose seeds; organic lavender and rose petals or premium bulbs that represent the flower on top of the box.  BloemBox is designed as a keepsake box or for re-gifting a new found treasure.  We handcraft and assemble them in our seedhouse in rural Northern California.

Bloem is the Dutch word for “flower” hence flowerbox or BloemBox. Back in January 2005, we launched BloemBox at the New York International Gift Fair with an enthusiastic response.  Our design concept was inspired by two things:  a beautiful southern wedding in Georgia and our roots as a premium wholesale seedhouse.  We wanted to offer colorful “gift-wrapped” boxes crowned with lifelike botanical representations and gifts that grow as a reminder of that special day or event.  We continue to get inspired by beautiful things that grow as we expand our selection and distribution worldwide.

Visit BloemBox often to see our new products that will continue to delight the most discerning buyer or recipient.