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Winter is a time to rest, when growth slows and seeds and bulbs become dormant. In October, however, we receive a shipment of premium Amaryllis bulbs from Holland. The large, beautiful, round bulb displays a tangle of roots at one end and a tapered neck at the other end. The bulb is self-sufficient and when planted indoors and given a little moisture and warmth will start to grow. The hard green tip of a bud on a thick, hollow stem will push-up through the neck. It emerges slowly and then like magic, the stem grows about 1" per day, the bud swells and 4 spectacular blooms pop open opposite each other forming a circle of blooms.

During the winter months, this tropical bulb flourishes indoors usually sending up 2 stems of blooms that last several weeks. We pack one premium bulb inside each BloemBox Amaryllis Bulb Kit, complete with grow pot, planting medium and instructions. The satin flowers on the gift box represent the color of the flowers that will grow from the bulb inside. Available only once a year so order early to ensure availability. Wishing you a bright and beautiful holiday season.

Experience the wonder. Holiday 2017

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