Bloem is Dutch for flower. So, BloemBox = flowerbox!
Colorful, witty, elegant and innovative are the hallmarks of BloemBox. Every year, we design new products that continue to distinguish our unique gift line and delight our customers.

Innovation. From the inside out.
Adorning the top of each box is a beautiful, handcrafted silk flower that represents the flower that grows from the seed, bulb or fragrant sachet blend that you'll find carefully packed inside.

Flower Seeds

For our premium seed products, we channelize high-quality seeds in plantable, biodegradable tissue paper ribbons for easy planting in large outdoor containers or garden beds.

Bulb Kits
We select superior Dutch-grown Amaryllis bulbs and US-grown Calla Lily bulbs
for vigor and exceptional blooms. The kit comes complete with planting instructions, grow pot and soilless planting medium to force the bulb to grow and bloom during the winter and spring-summer months.

We blend the finest organic, aromatic rose petals with lavender florets for our naturally fragrant sachets. This delightful mix is packed into a pure white cotton drawstring bag for hanging in a closet or placing in a drawer.